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Profiles & Coaching

Reading your own personal profile is a bit like being able to see yourself from the outside, which is something that usually requires ego-free skills few of us have! Getting a clear view on other people's perspectives of your personality and behaviours provides insight that gives you a headstart in understanding your relationships at work, with friends and family.

It's an empowering and enlightening experience because although you already know how you feel inside this helps to explain how some of those feelings might manifest in your outer behaviours.

The process illuminates your preferred ways of thinking and behaving as well as revealing your communication habits. It helps you to understand areas that could benefit from a different approach by you, and how to build on your strengths.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this profoundly beneficial system as part of our range of transformative and supportive therapies. Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and with years of research behind it, it is used by business leaders to create effective teams and hire the right people for executive roles. Government departments, the NHS and universities all use this method to coach and grow their employees. Allow yourself the jump start of this deceptively simple method of changing yourself and the way you manage all of your dealings with other people, for the better. It feels a bit like being given access to secret codes that unlock higher powers of awareness and understanding, nudging you into a space of greater personal prowess. If this is starting to sound a little bit like superhero talk, roll with it and bring on the freedom!

Expect lots of "aha!" moments, a few home truths (nicely expressed of course!) and the odd thing that your friends and family, should you wish to share with them, might be surprised to learn about you!

Common feedback we receive is:

"You got inside my head!"

  "I'm more confident now than I've ever been"

"I feel finally validated...that's exactly who I am!"

"I'm getting on so much better with my colleagues"

"So accurate"

The Infinity Profile is created after completing an online tick-box questionnaire, no hard thinking required. In fact , it is best done when you are in a work or "doing" mode and letting your answers be spontaneous.

Telephone and email support is available throughout the process. You'll receive a digital or, if preferred, printed copy of your report and if you want to expand your self -awareness -confidence- boosting- trip then a follow up 1hr session with our highly experienced coach will add depth and meaning to the whole process. We recommend this as it grounds the experience and gives you the chance to explore any issues that are highlighted by your profile and gives you reliable strategies to move forward with the suggestions for growth and improvement.

The beauty of this profile is that it takes the picture of who you are now, encourages you to appreciate your unique self and all your positive characteristics and skills, and then offers useful, manageable suggestions as to how you could move on to be more of the person you want to grow into. The personal empowerment of self knowledge coupled with your new insights into how we all tick reaps benefits in your relationships, your working life and your sense of self. 

It opens up new possibilities, and that is a huge step towards finding your freedom!