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Jikid​en Reiki​

"Jikiden" means straight or direct and it is the original and authentic form of Japanese Reiki,​ unchanged by Western influence. It is taught by teachers trained in a short and traceable lineage descending from the creator of all Reiki, Mikao Usui. Our teacher is a fifth line trainee from the founder.

It is Reiki in it's pure form and differs slightly from other Reiki by there being no set pattern to the treatment, it is all led by the individual's presenting need. All Reiki energy is the same wonderful stuff it's just the way of using it that differs and in Jikiden we follow where the client's energy leads us. This means we can give more targeted treatment.

A process of change

Reiki is a widely known and accepted therapy for relaxation and wellbeing, but you can get more from Jikiden than that as it is actually a complete healing system with the underlying concept of 'balanced cleansing'.

Life inevitably creates 'toxicity' as we experience emotional challenges from our relationships, physical environmental influences ranging from chemicals to natural pathogens, and stressors like work pressure and money worries.

The body is quite efficient at parking these build-ups in safe places away from our organs, like the neck and shoulders, jaw and other joints.

The tension and 'toxicity' in the bodymind clogs up the free flow of our life energies, and that's when symptoms and problems start. Reiki keeps the channels clear and the flow in good order. Good health starts with balanced energies!

Reiki does not replace proper medical care but rather works alongside conventional treatments, and no claims are ever made that Reiki can cure, but we've not treated anyone yet who hasn't found it helpful and worthwhile.

       It works best when viewed as a process of healing rather than as a one off although it is extremely useful in emergency conditions to bring calm and soothe shock. The most frequent comment we hear after Reiki is how much calmer people feel and better able to deal with stress. Rebuilding resilience in such a natural way is surely a beautiful and freedom finding thing!

Balance for Life

Originally, Reiki (which translates as 'soul energy') was a philosophy as well as a healing modality because Mikao Usui recognised that looking after one's psychological wellbeing and honouring the ki energy is just as important as safeguarding physical health.

In line with many other philosophies and spiritual traditions the idea of cultivating kindness, gratitude, responsibility and inner peace are promoted, and in this sense Reiki can be seen as a way of life. Practitioners work at keeping aligned with these principles.

It's hard to see anything wrong with suggesting we try to choose to be the best we can be! Living in harmony with others, growing our self awareness and being careful of the impact our presence has in the world are all fine goals.

Reiki practitioners are welcomed in hospitals and hospices. There are no contraindications to receiving Reiki and it has no side effects although you can experience a release of symtoms which may mean feeling emotional or perhaps for a short time feeling a bit more tired than usual whilst the energy within you and around you reorganises itself.

If you like data, here's some Reiki research:

In person Jikiden Reiki is always hands on, but there is a profoundly effective technique within the system for giving distant treatment too. For in person treatments clients remain fully clothed and all current Covid health and safety guidelines as set out by the Government and the Jikiden Reiki UK Association are followed, please see our terms for details.

For a distant session we'd arrange to have a phone/video consultation to discuss your situation and set up a suitable appointment time for you to be comfortable and undisturbed whilst the Reiki flows your's also a good idea to leave some time afterwards to rest and enjoy the feelings of deep relaxation.

Within 24hrs of your treatment we'll contact you to see how you are and make further arrangements from there.

Everyone experiences Reiki in their own way, but each way leads to freedom!