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What our clients are saying

"Sophie’s skills combined with her caring and considerate approach make her unique blend of reiki and spiritual healing a very relaxing and empowering experience. She is brilliant at what she does and her treatment gives so many benefits that stay with you. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

JS, Armitage

"Sophie has a wealth of knowledge on a broad range of therapies.I have experienced her reiki and spiritual healing both face to face and remotely and can definitely feel a benefit.

She has a caring and considerate approach and I feel more peaceful yet uplifted.

Meeting Sophie has been one of the best things I’ve ever done"

JA, Lichfield, Staffs

" The profile helped me understand how my personality traits make me come across to other people and how I can improve my communication skills. It's been great for my performance at work."

CL, Lichfield

"At the age of 48 I first noticed a slight problem with my left hip about 8 months ago. I deteriorated rapidly to the point that I was walking with a pronounced limp and in frequent pain when two months ago I was diagnosed as having severe bilateral osteoarthritis and requiring a double hip replacement. A few weeks ago Sophie offered to try Reiki on me.

I genuinely didn’t think it would work in any way and my wife was just as cynical as my diagnosis was chronic!

However, within just a couple of weeks the difference in me was nothing short of miraculous. I was suddenly not in the slightest pain and although walking a little oddly (well the the cartridge had been wasting away!) it was vastly improved and I certainly wasn’t hobbling like I had been.

The difference has been incredible. I can’t recommend Sophie highly enough. I don’t begin to profess to understand how she has done what she has for me but the difference is there for all to see. I’m back doing light exercise and feeling so much better in myself as walking every step like you are sideways on a steep mountain gets the most positive of people down in the end.

My wife and I are absolutely thrilled and none of this would have happened without Sophie. Even if you are as cynical as we were please give Sophie a try. She’s the loveliest of people too and will do her very best for you I’m sure."

Lee, Staffordshire

I came to see Sophie for help with anxiety and panic attacks. After indepth discussions she used a range of treatments including hypnotherapy which helped me over time regain my old self back. I would recommend her to anyone for her kind approach and deep understanding.

DL, Staffordshire