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 We offer a free, no obligtion 20 minute consultation

 to answer any questions and discuss your best treatment options

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Life Self Discovery Regression, £95 per 1.5 hour session

Therapeutic Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy £155 per 2.5 hour session

Jikiden Reiki and Energy Healing, £50 per 1 hour session

or book 4 sessions for £175 saving £25


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  and EMDR & Counselling,

£70  per 1 hour session

or book 4 sessions for £240 saving £40

Mindfulness Meditation and Counselling 

£70 per 1 hour session

or book 4 sessions for £240 saving £40



24 hours prior to appointments we will contact you to check that you do not have any symptoms related to Covid-19.

 If we feel it would be unsafe to see you face to face or if government guidelines at the time prevent in person sessions we will reschedule your appointment or make arrangements for an online alternative treatment.

Payment is preferred by cash in order to support the continued use of our legal tender, but is also accepted by cheque or bank transfer.

Please bring your own water bottle as we cannot provide refreshments. If you would like to bring your own blanket for greater comfort please do so.

All non disposable coverings are hot washed for each client and all other professional organisation requirements are met. Our clinic rooms are well ventilated and have an air purifying system. Our Risk Assessment is available to view on request. 

Please bear in mind that complementary therapies are in no way intended to replace medical care and it is your responsibility to consult your GP if you have any health concerns.