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Jikiden Reiki,  60 minutes                                                                           £45

Jikiden Reiki, distant 60 minutes (including follow up calls)                       £45

Energy healing,  60 minutes                                                                       £45

Energy Healing, distant 60 minutes (including follow up calls)                  £45

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 60 minutes                                         £50

Clinical Hypnotherapy, 1st session 90minutes                                            £80

          Subsequent sessions, 60 minutes                                                     £60

EMDR and counselling, 60 minutes                                                             £60

                                     90 minutes                                                             £80

Mindfulness Meditation and Counselling 1-1, 60 minutes                          £50

Animal Healing, distant over 1 or 2 sessions, 30 minutes total                  £20

                                              Please contact us for hands on appointments

Infinity Personal Profile                                                                                £45

Infinity Profile Coaching, 45- 60 minutes (recommended follow up)            £55



When you book for distance therapy we'll arrange emailing or posting you the required consent and GDPR forms which would need to be returned and payment received by Paypal or bank transfer at least 48 hours before your first appointment otherwise regretfully we cannot go ahead.

Payment for subsequent appointments also needs to have cleared at least 48 hours beforehand.

Cancellations at least 24 hrs before your distance or in person appointment will be fully refunded but otherwise the fee will be retained.

24 hours prior to in person appointments we will contact you to check that you do not have any symptoms related to Covid-19. If we feel it would be unsafe to see you face to face or if government guidelines at the time prevent in person sessions we will reschedule your appointment or make arrangements for an online alternative treatment. Current guidelines allow in person treatment for some situations, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Please bring your own water bottle as we cannot provide refreshments. If you would like to bring your own blanket for greater comfort please do so.

Masks are not provided, please bring your own. We are required to wear a visor only for talking therapies as we are able to observe social distancing, and a mask for Reiki/Healing. If government guidelines change we will alter our operations accordingly. Please discuss this prior to your appointment if you have any concerns.

You are politely requested to remove your shoes and coat/jacket/scarves etc on arrival, which will be placed in a cleaned plastic box. Please wear or bring suitable socks to keep your toes cosy. We ask that you do not wear gloves instead use our hand sanitiser on arrival.

All non disposable coverings are hot washed for each client and all other government and professional body requirements are met. Our clinic rooms are well ventilated and have an air purifying system. Our Risk Assessment is available to view on request. 

Please bear in mind that complementary therapies are in no way intended to replace medical care and it is your responsibility to consult your GP if you have any health concerns.