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E​nergy Healing

Healing is about restoring balance and freeing up your natural resources to recreate harmony from within. It is a completely natural process of focused energy flow from the healer to the recipient that aids our innate self's regulating and regenerating capacity to function at it's best on every level.

It is a deeply relaxing experience, and effects can be immediate or things may improve over time because healing seeks out the underlying cause of issues as well as the presenting symptoms. Sometime the process is subtle, sometimes more obvious and you may at some point experience an emotional release as part of the process but there are no side effects and no contraindications.

Clarity and Release

Many people report generally feeling calmer and more able to cope with stress as the healing helps to bring a sense of perspective to our experiences and relationships. Improved physical wellbeing and pain relief are also commonly felt. As your frequency patterns become more positively aligned, you feel better.

The healer works by channeling energy and being aware of the individual's personal energy field and chakras. The nature of energy healing lends itself beautifully to remote work where a time is agreed for the healing and the client finds a quiet, comfortable place to relax whilst the healer works.

Energy healing is sometimes called faith healing or spiritual healing but actually is not connected to any religion or belief system.

Healing and Medicine

  Numerous studies have been conducted to show the effectiveness of energy healing, including a two year controlled medical trial from 2015-17 at Birmingham University involving 200 NHS patients with long standing illness. The findings showed:

"clinically and statistically significant improvements in respect of physical issues and also quality of life.....the level of improvements exceeded that which could be associated with placebo" (Healing in a Hospital:Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health 2017 by Sandy Edwards)

The Healing Trust (formerly NFSH) trains practitioners who must then abide by a rigorous code of conduct and are fully insured.

Healing is widely used in hospices and there are healers employed within the NHS although it is more common that they are working as volunteers. GP's can refer patients to healers as a supportive therapy alongside orthodox medical care. Healers do not diagnose, prescribe or promise a cure.

Healing Options

For in person treatments clients remain fully clothed and all current Covid health and safety guidelines are followed. Please see our Terms for details. The treatment is mostly hands-off with minimal physical contact, or none at all if you prefer. You can be seated or lying on our treatment couch during the session.

To work with distant healing we would first have a phone/video consultationt about you and how you'd like to be helped. We'll arrange a time for the healing when you can be undisturbed and comfortable, preferably with extra time afterwards for you to relax or in case you feel like having a nap.

We contact you within 24hrs of your session to see how you are, have a chat, and make further arrangements from there.

Connecting with natural healing frequencies is walking the path to freedom!