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Eye Movement Desensitising & Reprocessing

EMDR  is a powerful evidence based therapeutic approach for addressing disturbing memories, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

Developed in 1987 by Clinical Psychologist Dr Frances Shapiro as she was going for a walk on a sunny day, she noticed that her own distressing memories which were troubling her at the time were alleviated by particular eye movements she was making as she went along.

Dr Shapiro was inspired to conduct further research and controlled studies, adding to her understanding of the connection between our natural cognitive processing and these eye movements. The method has been extensively developed and documented since and in 1995 was granted full status as a bona fide therapy and is used worldwide by hospitals, charities and organisations including the military as a standard protocol to address symptoms of PTSD.

Everything In It's Place

EMDR is a completely natural phenomenon that harnesses the power of your own mind to reset itself.

Bilateral stimulation is the key to restoring the natural way our brains process troubling experiences, and with EMDR this is acheived primarily with the eye movements.

Interestingly, much of the brain's self healing occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. EMDR therapy mimics this process by integrating thoughts and emotions that have not been properly processed after a trauma or shock in order that they can be moved into the memory area of the brain where they are stored without causing us further trouble. 

When disturbing events don't get processed they stay in the present as an unresolved problem in the mind.

In this state, it's easy to get triggered into having flashbacks. It's like having unpleasant and unwanted pop ups on your desktop....the repetitive stimuli drags you down, hinders your performance and constantly gets in the way of your freedom.

Mind Changing Brain Hack

As well as being an effective and rapid treatment for PTSD and trauma, EMDR is sucessfully used to treat anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, stress, grief, addictions, self esteem, performance anxiety, sleep problems, pain, phantom limb pain and more.

 It is the single most thoroughly researched method for the treatment of trauma and is recommended by NICE

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Being able to nudge your mind into transferring unpleasant, stressful, frightening, confusing and shocking experiences from the ancient and reactive 'reptile brain' to the more evolved analytical, logical frontal lobe is how experiences transform from being raw and constantly agitating to peacefuly maneagable.

Our memories -good or bad- don't ever leave us completely but they do fade with lack of attention. With EMDR you create a buffer between you and your traumas. However great or small they are, if they are bothering you then they deserve clearing up. This process will enable you to create new connections in your brain's memory networks, allowing you to move on with new clarity and perspective. EMDR is a brain hack that will literally change your mind.

Clutter Clearing

EMDR sessions can be tailored to include hypnotherapy or energy work if this is appropriate depending on the nature of the issue and your preferences. Sometimes multiple problems arise or concurrent issues have to be dealt with individually but generally relief begins to be felt right from the first visit and the effects of this truly empowering therapy mushroom out as you gloriously regain your freedom from distress.

During a session a full history is taken and you remain fully alert and in control whilst you are guided in the eye movements that are central to this special therapy. The reprocessing usually feels spontaneous and natural as your brain finally reorganises itself back to a state of peaceful equilibrium, creating space for you to move into a lighter, more carefree future. You are not asked to dwell on distressing experiences or thoughts but you do need to be able to identify negative feelings or thoughts in order to let them go.

It's like shining a torch into the far corners of the loft, past your treasured boxes of memorabilia and festive decorations. Once you can see the disorganised clutter that's blocking the ventilation and creating musty air, you're able to tidy it up and restore the healthy atmosphere.

Clearing the past and putting everything in it's proper place creates

your road to freedom!