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Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

In common with acupuncture and acupressure, EFT uses the body's energy meridian lines which are like a second nervous system sending information back and forth across the body and brain. It is a form of energy psychology which is enabled by 'tapping' with the fingertips on specific points along these lines. At the same time you are guided to engage with key thoughts, emotions, words and phrases of your choosing-you always remain in control- which are linked to your issue. It may sound odd if you're new to it but it is incredibly powerful yet very straightforward.

Physical pain can be diminished with EFT and patterns of behaviour can be altered. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, low self esteem, fears and phobias, PTSD, emotional distress, limiting beliefs and more can all be alleviated.

Memory Files

Every event in our lives is stored in our memory within the subconscious mind, separate from our daily conscious awareness. If there is a negative association between a subconsious memory and a subsequent feeling (whether physical or emotional) when that is triggered, a symptom or 'negative' thought/feeling can be the result without us really knowing why. This can leave us feeling out of control and anxious.

For example, maybe you were stung by a bee when you were too little to remember it but now whenever you hear an insect buzzing around you, you become nervous or frightened. That's because your subconscious remembers the connection between the buzz, the bee and the subsequent pain of the sting. The energy frequency of that experience still exists as a frightening memory.

Then and Now

Our past experiences affect our present reality, this is after all how we learn about the world and how to protect ourselves too. We keep alive the thought frequencies that we feel we still need in order to stay safe, and generally that's no bad thing!

But when the memory is problematic our personal energy flow is disrupted, like a rock falling into a stream and changing the direction of the water course. Mostly it's not enough to cause us significant problems and the initial stressful experience is soothed and healed, we find ways to regain our original balance as the thought frequencies search out the feel-good once more.

It's only when there have been too many negative experiences or something too traumatic, overwhelming or unexplained that our bodymind gets locked in shock and our nervous system becomes sensitised. A less harmonic vibration pattern has then been created.


        However, we can choose to look at these situations as opportunities to heal our old scars and make ourselves whole again. What couldn't be explained, soothed or reconciled at the time it happened can be healed now, and you can once more be free.

Flow Again

EFT is non invasive and a fast way to deal with short or long term issues. It is easy to learn and tends to have a cumulative effect, building your resilience as the energy blocks and frequency patterns that have been created between your subconscious mind and your body are released so balance is restored to the flow of energy within you.

There is a wealth of research and evidence proving it's effectiveness and it has been shown to alter the areas of the brain that deal with emotional processing and to reduce levels of the stress hormones.

Skill for Life

During the first session relevant background information is taken and we discuss the issues you want to deal with. The basics of EFT are introduced and work begins on whatever you feel is the most challenging aspect of your current situation. Subsequent sessions continue with the therapy as guided by your needs as they arise, sometimes side issues are discovered which need to be cleared up in order to move on.

Some issues might be cleared within one session and this is always a client led therapy so you can stop whenever you feel is the right time and carry on using your new EFT skills at home. Sometimes after going DIY for a while clients like to have further sessions if dealing with complex issues or if new aspects arise, and this can be arranged as needed.

A simple, fast and flexible therapy that becomes a life-skills essential for your continuing empowerment and freedom!