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Healing for Animals

Our animal companions and planetary co-habitees benefit from energy healing as much as we do. In fact they are usually much more open to it as they are naturally more accepting of sensory information than we are!

Observations of changed behaviour in animals receiving healing show that it can create positive, beneficial change. Science backs this up with studies that have shown increases in urinary levels of the calming hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin after healing.

Oxytocin is an antidote to stress and anxiety and therefore to inflammation as well, which may explain part of healing's beneficial effect on reducing pain.

                                        Healing has been demonstrated in studies to:

Increase the immune response
Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
Increase the hormone oxytocin
Speed up wound healing

Decrease pain sensation
Reduce blood pressure
Support psychological stability
Promote bonding and trust

Cool Cats

Research has been conducted by Lisa Benn, a UK based healer and animal behaviourist, to see if healing could reduce stress levels in cats at an RSPCA rescue centre. Chronic stress experienced by cats in rescue centres poses a significant challenge to welfare and re-homing potential.

Results of the study showed a highly significant reduction in stress levels immediately following healing that was still evident 2½ hours later. It was concluded that healing could be a highly effective intervention to reduce stress and thus improve welfare and re-homing potential in kennelled cats.

Vet Approved

Orthodox and holistic vet Richard Allport MRCVS says, "In a sense Healing is the purest form of treatment for illness as it involves no pills needles or equipment of any kind. The laying on of hands to heal disease is of ancient origin and in all societies and cultures, people with healing powers are acknowledged"

‘Most reputable healers in the UK belong to the NFSH

(now called the Healing Trust) which operates in a strictly ethical and professional manner. [They] have a code of conduct specifically regarding the treatment of animals, drawn up in conjunction with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to which they adhere’.

Remote and Distant Healing

Whilst nothing quite compares to hands on or close proximity connection, remote and distant healing can be just as effective. We worked with a rescued badger who had eyesight problems and was very stressed and would often nip and bite. After 3 sessions the badger had calmed down and was transformed. She continues to thrive.

We also worked with a beloved pet cat that would wake his owner up to get fed at 2am. Normally a tom cat would probably be out trying to catch himself a fresh midnight snack, but this older gentleman was more of a homebody. During his healing it was discovered that he was in fact lonely, so now he has a new friend, a cuddly toy, that has helped cure him of his nightime neediness and peace has been restored to the household.

Acute, Chronic & Transition

Many animals that have been rescued after accidents or injuries are helped by distant healing. In some of these situations nothing can be done to save their lives but we can try to ease the transition and help to make it peaceful. In other situations, judging by the animal's behaviour and demeanour, suffering is seen to be alleviated.

Having said all of that, nothing ever replaces proper vetinary care and we always work alongside the vet's advice and prescriptions. No guarantees can ever be given and each situation is different. The Healing Trust has a code of conduct specifically regarding the treatment of animals, drawn up in conjunction with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to which we adhere.

Please contact us if you'd like some healing energy work done for your animal friend.

We would discuss the issue in as much detail as needed with no obligation to proceed.

All we need then is a photo and your pet's name. Once your payment has been received we'll agree an appointment time and keep in touch free of charge throughout to monitor feedback and arrange further sessions as and when necessary.