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Feel empowered to take your life forwards 

free from negative patterns, limiting symptoms and unwanted habits .

We offer a free, no obligation 20 minute phone/video call consultation as the starting point to work out how we can best help you and to make sure you feel comfortable with what we can offer.


Our work together is aimed at helping you improve your situation from the inside out.

We have a range of therapies available to help you find your freedom from anxiety and stress, emotional imbalances, fears and phobias, pain and many physical problems, insomnia, grief, lack of self esteem, low confidence, addictions and weight issues.

We specialise in using regression therapies to create the most lasting & complete change for our clients.

We also offer support through times of change and to help acheive your goals.

Or perhaps you'd like to learn how to deepen your meditation experiences or take time for healing and relaxation to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing?

We are energy beings

Everything in our material world is made up of atoms, the basic units of matter. We perceive a 3D solid physical reality around us but the science of Quantum Physics tells us that atoms are actually empty, they are not a solid 'material' reality at all!

It was discovered that atoms are in fact made up of waves of energy, making them tiny, invisible force fields. Scientists can measure these electrical fields which constitute 99.99999% of the atom. The conclusion is unavoidable: all matter is actually made of energetic frequencies. Including you!

         All of the 50 trillion cells within us are continuously emitting and absorbing energy within the vast cosmos of frequencies. We each have our own unique frequency pattern that changes according to what frequencies we meet and create along the way.... Literally helpful 'good vibes' and potentially more challenging 'bad vibes'.


A world wide web

This web of frequencies constantly entangling 24/7 for ever and ever means we can never be separate from the environment, nor from people, or animals. We can't be separate from anything!

From the small scale of our neighbourhoods to the vastness of the universe, it is all waves of energy flowing and interacting with each other and creating our atom-built 'material' reality. It makes sense for us to pay closer attention to this vibrational field because it alters and creates our experience of day to day life on every level.

This energy is what in Chinese medicine is called ch'i or qi, in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga it's referred to as prana, in Reiki it's ki. It might simply get called the life force, but it's all the same thing, energy that resonates at multitudinous frequencies. It is what is used in all forms of healing and it can even be measured outside the body by sophisticated equipment such as the Superconducting Quantum Interference Device, or SQUID to you and me.

Choose wisely

Demonstrations in petri dishes containing cells show how they will move away from toxic stuff and choose to get closer to nourishing stuff. So it follows that our 50 trillion cells must be endeavouring to do this all the time.....trying to get to the feelgood.

Choosing to deliberately expose yourself to some goodwill-heart-centered-loving-kindness-positive-vibes is truly a good thing, and that is exactly what you do when you choose any form of energy healing.

From reiki to EFT ,healing to hypnotherapy, EMDR to meditation, they're all about engaging with the good transformative vibes.

True magic

Thoughts are powerful internal frequencies, and cells hold memories which they pass on each time they replicate. Often our physical problems stem from the old energies of past experiences and the repetition of unchallenged or outdated belief systems.

Disrupting unhelpful patterns and replacing them with healthy, joyful ones is acheived whichever positive energy therapy you choose to engage with.

And when you rearrange a room so it pleases you more, or play your favourite music, plant tomato seeds, hug a tree, cuddle your pet, write a love letter..... any activity that feels are entangling with positive energy. Moving towards your nourishing stuff, putting your cells in their happy zone.

It's like sprinkling fairy dust on yourself as if it'll never go out of uplift yourself and grow stronger. You actively support your community of 50 trillion to get closer to their feelgood. Healthy, balanced,vibrant and happy. That's the way to freedom!

One last thought to end this energy manifesto:

The phrase 'mind over matter' is truer than we might believe because as thoughts are electrical frequencies too, what we think has the potential to create changes in our material 'reality'.

But maybe even more important is what we feel and what those emotional frequencies have the potential to create? Because when the energy fields of the brain and heart are compared....

“The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).” ( Rollin McCraty, HeartMath)

Maybe it's really true then that all we need is Love?